Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can I vent?

PACKAGING. It has gotten ridiculous! I received my box from Amazon today and was so excited to open it. Was I deflated when I saw the packaging! Three items… Three different types of packaging. All three were difficult for me as a disabled person to open. I daresay they were difficult for anyone to open. The first was a clamshell package. Utterly impossible! The second item advertised that it was not in a clamshell package. However, it was packaged in one of those “all one piece” cardboard boxes. Can anyone find the top or proper place to open one of those? The third item was a nutritional powder that was packaged like many vitamins are packaged today. A screw type lid with the plastic seal underneath. I don't know about you, but those plastic seals can be impossible ! To add insult to injury today, I also had to open a new bag of cat food. Just pull the string, right? Anyone who has purchased one of these knows exactly what I'm talking about. Does everything have to be packaged in tamperproof packaging? REALLY? Is that what we've come to? What a sad state of affairs! Okay, I feel better now! Thanks for listening!

1 comment:

  1. That's the worst! I've gotten some of those "pull string" pet food bags to open very nicely, but others I've nearly bloodied my hand trying to pull the string hard enough to get it open! Some times I wonder if it's just a matter of getting lucky and pulling the string from the right side (which they don't mark for you).

    I've seen a gadget for opening clamshell packaging easily and harmlessly on one of those blue screen commercials. Maybe I'll get us both one :)